"7 Seven" real estate company is a full service real estate firm and hiring us will benefit you in many ways. We have a single point of contact. That means for any query the client does not have to speak to different people within the firm; just one person will have the ability and the knowlege to answer all your questions and provide everything you require.

The entire staff of "7 Seven" real estate has the tools and the know how necessary to navigate the property landscape. The scope of our services includes finance, legal, brokerage and construction management. Our team is 'au fait' with the latest trends and information regarding the Dubai realty business, this way we avoid 'surprises'.

Planning to Buy Property

In September 2008 the first Dubai off-plan property boom came to a sudden halt with the arrival of the global financial crisis. Then again the UAE government continued investing heavily despite lower oil prices, so that the infrastructure and housing market would be ready to exploit the upturn when it happened and to stage Expo 2020 that will bring record numbers of visitors to this country, 2018 is definitely not another 2008 for local real estate. If you can, this is the time to buy, not sell.

We work on a contemporary marketing and business-building strategy to keep your property investment thriving. Dubai recorded in excess of Dh17 billion worth of real estate transactions in May 2018, based on figures published by the Dubai Lands Department (DLD). This was a month on month increase of around Dh1 billion from April of the same year.

The figure covered both sales and mortgage transactions for land, residential and commercial property. According to the DLD, the transactions reached around Dh1.4 billion on May 2018, which was the most productive business day of that month.

We completely understand your wish to purchase commercial or residential property that meets your expectations at the most advantageous price, we are professionals who are here to help you to accomplish both of these goals. Our strong complementary offers are unmatchable and they will work to save you more than you could ever have expected.

We negotiate with the seller on behalf of our client to beat him down on the asking price. We have lots of options for you so that you may find that the deal that you dreamt of is within your budget or EMI assisted by a loan service. We take care of the basics and prepare the path so that you can easily manage your loan.

Want to sell property?

Our skilled team will save you time and energy and will give you the best return on your investment; with the assistance of our interactive website that always presents you with a virtual view of the property from every angle, even though the buyer is not physically present in the country. It really is a game changer. Your property will get maximum exposure through our online efforts and you will get the best deal you could have hoped for.

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